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Boudoir photography is a chance to let that light shine and teach that little voice in your head to

In photography, boudoir refers to a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. The photos are tasteful and nudity is typically implied rather than explicit. They are sensual and sexy as well as classy and elegant.​

I’ve had women of all ages, all sizes, and all colors have these done, and every single one talks about how positive of an experience this is for them. It isn’t awkward, and I promise all my ladies fun and laughter during their session! Just this morning I received this Text Message, "Thank you for making me feel good about myself." This ladies is why I do what I do, photography is a way for me to help others not only hold onto those special moments in time, but I love to help people of all ages and shapes know that they are perfect just the way they are.

​Why do woman do these shoots? Why should I do a boudoir session? I don't feel comfortable in my skin. I am single. I'm too old. These are all questions and excuses I have heard lately, and believe me I hate everything about my self most days. As women, we are our own toughest critics. We compare ourselves to the women we see in magazines and TV, as well as our friends who portray themselves to be perfect on social media, it’s hard to silence the voice in your head that says “You’re not good enough” or “I wish I could look like her”. News flash, ladies: You are good enough. In fact, you are more than good enough. You are perfect! A few years ago Monument Mountain High School released a video that went viral, take a quick second and watch this video staring the everyday daughter & mom from right here in my backyard. The film was only seven minutes long, but delivered a powerful message.

​We rarely do something solely for ourselves. Even if they do get to occasionally sneak away for an hour for a nail appointment or a quick cocktail with a friend, we often end up feeling guilty about it. I know I do & I see it in all my friends , but collectively we tend to put everyone else (husbands, friends, kids, co-workers, and even the Dunkin Donuts girl) in front of our own needs and ambitions. Boudoir gives you the opportunity to focus solely on yourself. Through the entire process of your boudoir photo shoot, you get the chance to see yourself in a whole new light; as the beautiful, sexy woman you are.

Recently I have been working with Black & Blush Lingerie & Lounge which is is a lingerie company that makes shopping an experience. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the store on North Street make it a must do before Valentines Day!! MEN On February 11 The Girls are doing their second annual Bourbon, Bacon, & Bras Event, your 1 stop shop for everything Valentines Day, you will enjoy bacon hors d’oeuvres, a bourbon tasting by Berkshire Mountain Distillers as well as live models showcasing stunning bras & lingerie. Chocolate Springs chocolates will be available for purchase. ( I mean Common Guys this is more of a gift for you then for her right? Treat yourself!)

​A Big shout out to the Amazing Red Lion Inn for letting me rent a room to do shoots in this week! We were shooting in the newly renovated Maple Glen house, located right behind the main building, the room was cozy and comfortable with unique paint colors and head boards to die for! The heated bathroom floors made the models happy and made me want to run home and rip up my flooring and add heat!

The following photos are ones I have recently shot for Black & Blush at Red Lion, Check Them Out!! How amazing does Aubrey look & all the outfits you can find At Black & Blush

Interested in doing your own Boudoir Session? Contact me

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