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Erik & Erin's Big Day

Erin & Erik's wedding day was nothing short of spectacular. Their day provided so much inspiration , so many details that symbolized the couple — Bridesmaids in Hunter Boots & fur, flower girls with their flower crowns, horses in the pasture at the brides grandfathers childhood home, cocktail party complete with the NFL playoff games on. . What’s not to love? I am thrilled to be their photographer and so glad to share a sneak look at their wedding story.

As always, feel free to leave a warm note for the happy bride & groom or for us in the comments section below!

There was not only the traditional, mother son & father daughter dances, but Erik took time out to recognizes each of his daughters and shared a special moment with each one of his two beautiful girls.

The bride & groom decided to do a 1st look before the ceremony, the flower girls took their duties very seriously the whole day which included holding Auntie E's dress as she saw Uncle E for the 1st time. I wish you could here their giggles and laughter as they watched a very special moment.

You have to love when the bridal party & guests learn to Whip , nay nay and superman together!

Touching speeches were given by the bridal party including the Brides neices & nephews. The brides new step daughters said a few words as well leaving not one dry eye in Mazzeos.

  • venue: Mazzeo's Ristorante

  • groom’s attire:Steven Valenti

  • bridal attire: Heirloom Bridal

  • makeup: Maureen Garner Hair and Makeup Design

  • hair: Courtney Smith

  • rings: Crown Jewlers

  • dj: Rob Dwyer

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